The starting station "Entrance gate" , working as entraining-disembarking one, has one track and two lateral platforms. The entraining of the tourists who are going to the cave is carring from the platform situated at right side of direction to cave. The disembarking of the tourists who are coming back from the cave is occurs to the left platform. The track at side opposite to a tunnel to the cave goes to the depot.

    The passengers leaves the train on the middle station "hall Abkhazia" and transfers into the cave by a horizontal passage. This station has one track and one lateral platform.

from site of S.Bolashenko. summer 2003 from site of M.Zhilin. summer 2000 from site of Russos. summer 2005

   The 3-kilometer 2-hour pedestrian route in the cave ends by an exit to the final station "hall Anakopea" (former "hall Tbilisi") , where an empty train expects the tourists to deliver them back. This deadlock station has two tracks and one lateral platform. The second track is used as branch and has no platform. Middle and final stations are trimmed with a granite and marble and are decorated with a mosaic on fantasy themes.

    The 3-storeyed office building is the ground lobby of starting station "Entrance gate". On the first floor there are the station, the waiting halls and the booking-offices, on the second one there is cafe-bar. The rooms are trimmed by coloured glasses. The gallery of products of stamping and mosaic in the abkhazian and georgian national spirit is placed on both floors.

   The projects of stations and office building are fulfilled by an institute "GruzGIPROgorstroy" under guidance of R.Rizhinashvili. The art decoration of interiors have executed by L.Shengelia, N.Shavgulidze, L.Japaridze. In 1977 the collective of the creators of the unique New Athos cave's touristic complex was awarded by the State premium of the USSR of a science and engineering.

booklets "New Athos cave" of 1978 and 1989.

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