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Excursion routes on Black Sea coast of Caucassus.

Map of sea coast near Sochi.

Excursion to the New Athos.

view on New Athos monastery
View on New Athos and former New Athos monastery. In last one the tourist base "Psytskha" is placed now.

New Athos cathedral
New Athos cathedral at the territory of the tourist base "Psytskha" is the branch of Abkhazian state museum.

The Climatic resort New Athos is located on a coast of a small gulf. A rich subtropical vegetation, a warm sea and a numerous historic-architectural monuments of this ancient settlement attracts thousands of tourists. At top of Iverian mountain, whence the wonderful view on New Athos, is a citadel Anacopia and ruins of a temple of VII century. In former New Athos monastery the branch of the Abkhazian state museum is placed now.
Symon Canonit church
Symon Canonit church

Resort park
New Athos resort park.

Perfectly kept temple of IX-X centuries and artificial waterfall are situated near the tourist base "Waterfall".


The waterfall was created in 1902 at building of one of the first hydroelectric power stations. In vicinities of New Athos there are set of natural excursion objects. Certainly, most interesting among them is famous New Athos cave . The cave was discovered in 1961.

To look for a map of halls of New Athos cave (90 kb).

Entrance to cave
The office building and entrance to train platform.

In the cave
Wonderful dances of stalactites and stalagmites.

The cave was open for tourists in 1975. In the cave there are 10 underground halls. The length of largest of them is more than 100 meters, and the height is up to 50 meters. It is one of largest researched karst crevices in the world. Total length of its routes is about 3 285 m and height of ceilings is 15-97 m. Constantly the temperature of air is about 12 degrees, the humidity is 94 - 97 %, pressure is 756 mm of merc.t. The cave system has ground waters. The depth of lakes is 17-36 m. Scientific researches in New Athos cave system have begun in 1961, when discoverers falls into the cave through its natural entrance "Bottomless pit", that located between rivers Psyrtskha and Adzykwa at height of 220 m above a sea level. "Bottomless pit" and some more entrances are closed now.

In the cave
In the cave.

For the tourists under Iverian mountain the special transport tunnel of length 1291 m was builded. The electrotrain delivers the tourists from office building to the passenger platform with artificially punched pedestrian entrance to the hall "Abkhazia". During 1,5 hours the tourists passes under ground of 1,5 kilometers by well equipped route and observes six basic halls of New Athos cave. First three halls are almost deprived of "ornaments": they amazes by its size, original chaos of clods, powerful adjournment of clay, motionless levels of lakes. The second part of the cave differs by decoration, grace and variety of of drop-stream formations. The underground halls lookes like fantastic palaces and temples. The beauty of underground ensemble and its separate formations is emphasized by an art illumination and specially sorted music. 130 searchlights and 120 fixtures shines a fantastic underground world. The acoustic features of cave allows to organize a concerts of abkhazian choral capella here. New Athos cave is most impressing and beautiful cave, accessible us for visitings.

In the cave

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